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String: the new contact mike 

Handmade microphones
Aevox audio builds studio grade condenser microphones into compact housings. They are powered by the plug-in power found on most portable recorders, minidiscs, video cameras, wireless belt packs and computers.
Users include musicians, film crews, soundscapers, universities, sound engineers worldwide.
Thanks to our extensive work in R&D, many of our designs offer good quality alternatives to most renowned products.
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contact us if you have a special request.
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CLASSIC M stereo
IE stereo

How to order?
Check the price, add 9€ for transport.
Money transfer can safely be done using PayPal.

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Omni-directional high sensitivity microphone for sound recording.
Connector: mini XLR Price: 210€   Cable length 120 cm
Dimensions: 63mm x ุ 16mm
Omni-directional high sensitivity stereo microphone for sound recording. Very high quality in small A-B set-ups (40 -60 cm). Two separate microphones come together in 1 minijack.
Connector: mini-jack stereo Price: 270€ฒ Cable length 2x 120 cm

Connector: mini-jack stereo Price: 285€ฒ Cable length 2x 500 cm
Dimensions: 2 x 63mm x ุ 16mm
Sound example : Veryan Weston conducting the first rehearsal of his Workestra in Brussels.

16 bit wav file, please be patient.
Recorded using one Aevox Audio Classic M stereo MkII spaced 50 cm wide. Recorder: M-audio microtrack 24/96. No equalising or denoising used. No fancy mastering tricks. And yes, there was a wooden floor.

IE stereo MkII
In ear stereo microphone for discrete recording at concerts, in public spaces etc, and of course for binaural recording.
Same specifications as Classic M stereo. Connector: mini-jack stereo
Price: 290€ 3
Dimensions: 20mm x ุ 12mm
   What makes Aevox microphones so unique?
Through research and development important improvements compared to existing products were made including:

Sensational 3D depth sound
High sensivity, thus less demanding from your recorder preamp
Sturdy metal housing and jacks
Improved RFI reduction
Better reduction of handling noise
Low cable noise
Less prone to wind noise
Deep natural low
Traveler friendly case and attachments

Aevox microphones are made to be your long term companion.

Tiny microphone for on screen use or as lavalier microphone. Excellent results as well on violin, guitar, etc.
Connector: mini XLR Price: 279€   Cable length 120 cm 4
Dimensions: 12mm x ุ 7mm

String is a new contactmicrophone for string instruments. The frequency characteristics outperforms all known solutions. Nice deep bass, stressless mids and open highs. A dream come trough, not only for strings but for nearly every contact mike application. The mic is sticked onto the surface with a soft, non-agressive paste. We will add comparative recordings between AKG C411 and our String later on.

Connector: XLR, needs 48V phantom power. Dimensions: 12mm x ุ 18mm, cable length 2m. Price: 259€
3 pin Mini XLR version can be made at no extra cost.

Every request for special purpose microphones can be investigated as well as alternative versions of our standard collection
(connectors - applications) can be made to measure. contact

mini XLR female to standard XLR male for use with professional mixing consoles. Phantom power or AA battery.
Price: 47€ The phantom adaptor is only sold as an accessory for our microphones.
Dimensions: 170mm x ุ 22mm

4 Velcroฎ strips. The simple and creative solution to attach your microphones and cables to nearly everything! Price: 8€ . The snap fastener is only sold as an accessory for our microphones.
Dimensions: 180mm x 15mm

Extra long windshield. Extra air pouch for improved wind reduction. Identical to the windshield on the CLASSIC M MkII.The WL long wind shield is only sold as an accessory for our microphones. Price: 9€

1 = long wind shield and snap fastener included
2 = 2 long windshields and 2 snap fasteners included
3 = 2 color coded windshields included
4 = snap fastener included


Most of the Aevox microphones are used as stereo pair for music recordings. But please, show us your inventions and use of your Aevox microphone. Send us a short description and if possible a picture. A selection will be shown on this page. info@aevox.be

Some nice (field) recordings are found on
Thanks for posting!

Arnaud Jacobs asked for a special microphone. With his stethoscope mike he explores contact sounds. Not only on the body, but he also uses this aevox microphone as hydrophone in lakes, rivers etc. The sound is far more linear and the dynamics are better maintained when compared to most common contact mikes.

In the meantime the stetho microphone lives a life of its own. More people want one, so we can offer them at 357€. Peter Bach Nicolaisen from Denmark commented "I received the microphone today and I've already tried it a little. Really amazing response when used as a contact microphone on some of my primitive instruments such as tibetan bowls. I'm looking very much forward to use it more.".
All reactions and suggestions are most welcome at info@aevox.be

Ned Mc Gowan performing his concerto for contrabasflute in the Canergie Hall, New York.
His contrabasflute has 2 custom build Aevox microphones. 1 Tiny is placed near to his lips, one mic is inside the flute, permitting special effects.



MkII sets new levels of performance
The quick worldwide acceptance of Aevox microphones and the enthusiastic reactions from recordists, musicians, film crews, etc, was a strong incentive to develop a new generation of our products. After more than one year of development the new MkII versions of our microphones offer features never seen (and heard) in mobile recording microphones.

Extended frequency response
Aevox MkII microphones have extended non aggressive highs giving you that bit of extra definition and spatial feeling. Our ultra low noise floor is your guarantee for recordings free of any blur. Deep lows have always been our trademark.

Reduced handling noise
The first generation of Aevox microphones were considered to be the best on the market when when low contact noise and high mechanical strength were considered. On the Classic M MkII and IE MkII we took this one step further by adding an extra suspension.

High End cable
A flexible High End OFC cable with excellent electrical characteristics is now used on every microphone. With 3mm thickness but very flexible it's your guarantee for quality and survival on the road. No competitor goes this far. Our minijacks are in robust metal and goldplated versions can be provided as an extra. Aevox is your best choice when looking for a high grade mobile recording microphone!

Aevox Audio at frankfurt musikmesse

In the press:


techtalk: why windshields work (www)
Windshields mostly come in two flavours: foam or a holder with a nylon or metal mesh.
Actually there are more complex designs as well such as those developed by Rycote or DPA.
But how do they work?
Wind builds up a high pressure on the membrane of the microphone. This translates to a plopping or rattling sound and it eventually can damage the microphone.
When we use a windshield the air pressure at the outer side of the shield increases. The wind blows trough the tiny holes. But behind every mesh or fiber of the screen is a zone of low pressure. Once passed the screen, the wind pressure tries to even out and turns toward this zone of low pressure. Turbulence is born, and most of the wind energy is lost in this.

One of the most crucial factors to make this work is to leave enough space for this process. That's why we use the long windshields with the extra air pouch on the Classic M, which now comes as a standard.

Johan Vandermaelen
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with our velcro straps our microphones can be fastened everywhere!

for standard recordings a easy to find spring clamp does the job.